May 1, 2008


So I've slept about 4 hours a night average for the last three nights while simultaneously abusing coffee and studying like I am 16 and it will get me laid. Serious brain overload. I have decided to take the next 30 minutes to relax, and by relax I mean blitzkrieg the internet for some interesting links before I get back to the grind and get ready for my calculus exam in a few hours.

  1. funny, provocative, and informative on race issues
  2. LSD Drawings Art on acid (FYI LSD inventor and first tripper Albert Hoffman died at 102 years old tuesday (4/28) morning)
  3. Like Mario? How about Bowser? Your type must be the princess.
  4. Eat some sushi tonight.
Thats all I got for now, I have to go get another coffee and maybe some sugar...

*EDIT May 12th
For the record:
Intro to cellular and molecular Bio B
Organic Chem II B
Ethics A
Calculus I B+

So all that caffeine had to have paid off right?

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Anonymous said...

Goood entry. I loved all these links!