May 2, 2008

Some stuff for today!

Here are some cool videos.

Money as debt is a well thought out look at how our monetary system works, its flaws, and why it will ultimately collapse. It is laid out simply so it can be easily understood. This film will make you rethink your spending and borrowing habits and how you look at banks. Steal this film II is a film about online piracy and its history all the way back to the printing press. It brings up really good points about trying to package and sell cultural information, censorship and the basic human need to share. I really liked this one.

Le Grand Content is just a few minutes but will give you a smile with its cool charts and graphs.
HOTEL - an interactive tale by Han Hoogerbrugge is super cool and weird, you may want to be high to do this one, and it has 12 chapters. I am sure there are some sort of deeper meanings... Idol is about greed and innocence, I think, it is definitely worth a looksy. Finally this claymation blew my little mind right out of the back of my head, very creepy.

And lastly a little science in the form of my favorite, the double slit experiment and another cool one on being a flatlander which if you like you will love this.

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