Apr 28, 2008

Blog Overview

So I figured I should go over what its about!

I probably spend more time online reading, visiting strange sites, and generally exploring than most people you know. So I figured I should share it, or at least make a place to collect it. I look at this blog as a sort of online repository for my bookmarks, interests, and internet history. Id like to write a few How-To's for my less tech savvy friends and family. I'd like to see visitors here learn something about getting the most of their time online, and maybe get a few laughs along the way. I won't be doing any posting about what is going on in my life or the like(Scientific formula: Internet + Expression + Real Life = Angsty Emo Whining). I am hoping that I can get my friends to visit every week or two, I would consider that a real success! I have a few other blogs I've been working on for material for my book(s) I want to write, so I am fairly comfortable with this whole process. However I welcome any suggestions, questions, or requests. See you around.

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