Jul 15, 2008

Video Blitz! Science-Fest!

OK OK OK! I know it has been quite awhile but I don't surf as much during the summer when there is no school and nice weather, like a perfect storm of procrastination for posting. So without further adieu, here is the line up of videos.

First we will take the easy way out with the weed vids, they are always there for a cheap laugh (like your mom) and supply endless material. We all remember our first time, mine went something like this, as I am sure your first time did too. Although I've never been high at work, I am sure it would be really fun if I worked at the High Times Editorial Office. Nick Swardson did something amazing by smoking all day, everyday... Shit. Finally, Jon Lajoie expresses what every stoner has gone through at the store in his High as Fuck music video. I think I had one more video... but I must of forgotten it... I wonder why...

This mockumentary on the martian peen worm is flat out amazing if you like science and sciencey words... But personally the peen worm pales in comparison to this gorilla that rocked the UK advert world. Who knew milk could be sold so well? For those of you that have heard of the big honey bee crisis will like this funny video. I decided to vote republican too!

As for the aforementioned science....
Here is some FREAKING AMAZING short story Science Fiction. Even if you don't like Sci-Fi (I don't that much) you will like this. I personally like the "Fine Structure" series as it kinda blows my mind. But in reality mankind may be on the verge of some truly amazing science at the CERN Large Hadron Collider, which was delayed since last year after the magnets ripped out of their mounts and flooded the facilutly with helium. You don't have to tell me how hardcore it is, I already know. Something I found exciting was the prospect and promise of living on the moon, and if we do it we are going to have to do it here, a place where there is light all year.

Not related, but I just couldn't not post this. Here are some interesting facts about how we are not really free when it comes to voting. Sometimes, this world really scares me.

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